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We have always found it interesting how many people dismiss "paranormal" events and will go to extreme lengths to "debunk" information or findings - regardless of the investigative protocols....So why is that ??

Granted there are times in which paranormal investigators lack "due diligence" in their investigations, but that is not always the case. We have found individuals who will come up with more outrageous situational possibilities and more conspiracy theories than Q-ANON.

Those same individuals who will dismiss an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) as "bunk", will turn around and easily accept the concepts of "Deja-vu" or "intuition" as valid normal events, Individuals with religous backgrounds will quickly accept the idea of a "guardian angel", but scoff at the concept of a ghost (or connected spirit) living in their home.

Paranormal is, by definition, "beyond the range of normal experience or scientific explanation". It is based on what we "presently" know about our environment and our human capabilities. Paranormal phenomenon is simply that "para"normal - outside of the normal, known experiences of individuals.

Now does that mean every experience that we have never come across is "paranormal"...? No, but it does mean there are aspects of our world and of our human capacities which we have yet to fully understand and accept as "normal" capacities.

Paranormal events DO exist - what does not exist, at this time, is our present understanding of them. For us to dismiss them because we don't understand them would be like saying, "stop all scientific research in quantum physics and psychology" - because those two fields aren't fully understood and they can't "really" be proven.

Both those fields started in theoretical constructs and are now part of our scientific understandings. Metaphysical or "Paranormal" phenomenon are now where both those "sciences" once stood - in the field of theory, wrapped in layers of personal experiences and experiments.

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