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Many times people ask, "Why are you so interested in doing paranormal investigations ?"

Well the answer is different for almost everybody but many of us get into paranormal investigation because either we have had paranormal experiences throughout our lifetime or we are absolutely fascinated by the abilities of the human condition and how little we actually know about ourselves and our environment.

For me, it happens to be the latter Although I have had many paranormal experiences throughout my lifetime, my background in human behaviors and psychology always bring me to the limitless abilities of who we are - what makes us who we are and what occurs when our energy transitions to a different level of existence. When coupled with the mysteries of our world - Well, I think you understand.

I'm one of those people who like to explore the answers to "unanswered questions". If you are one of those people, as well, or if you've had experiences that make you wonder about the "next step" - perhaps you might want to join us in our learning experiences regarding the mysteries of life.


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